Come experience a whole different kind of minigolf.  Prodigy Minigolf offers 3-different styles of play; Normal Play, Ultimate Play and Prodigy Play.  Let's explore the differences.



Golf Scorecard FRONT FINAL Golf Scorecard BACK FINAL

Normal Play is your average, regular type of play.  You write down the strokes that it took you to sink the putt, or a 7... whichever comes first.


Ultimate Play ulilizes the 2 croquet wickets on each hole (called the 'gates') removing 1-point from each hole for each gate you roll through.  You can only count the gate if you score 6 or under on a hole.  If you stoke out at 7, no gate counts.  


Prodigy Play is for the advanced putters of Prodigy who have a love for strategy.  Once you've mastered rolling through consistant gates, you can start creating sequences and only scoring on multiple holes with gate roll throughs.  This is the play that the tournaments will use so practice up!  


I also recommend playing Normal Play first, then see how you do.  This is not an easy course so play wisely.