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Why is Prodigy ages 13+ only?  Don't you care about kids?

The minigolf is very challenging and requires some sort of motor skill to thoroughly enjoy or even successfully play.  This course was not built with kids in mind and can be quite fragile with it's design and function.  Some art decor can be dangerous with it's metal edges if not careful on the course.  The standard of proper maintenance is high and the play is always at its best to make sure everyone plays an optimal game.  For the safety of our gamers as well as the health of the course, we made the ages 13+ rule after our first month of operation.  We experienced a string of big issues early on that forced us to make a decision like this.  Additionally, the video games are mostly from the 1970s & 1980s and require connecting controllers and inserting game cartridges properly.  Some systems and games are quite rare and valuable creating possible issues that could arise with those that don't fully understand their value.  We also occasionally have gamers playing mature/violent games on big TVs that could be an issue to some young ones.  We also ask that anyone between the ages of 13-16 be accompanied by a participating adult.  Please don't drop a car off of 13-year olds for 8 hours.

To read more about the history of the age limit, click here...

Ages 13+

Do you offer group rates?  I have a group of 20.  Are we cool?

We do not offer group rates.  To be honest, this place is way more fun with smaller groups due to the nature of the games and the size of the area.  To maximize the enjoyment of all in the room, we suggest attending with less than 6 people; preferably 1-4 for best results.  Large groups pack sections of the place and don't leave much fun for others.  Maybe bring your other friends next time.  


What does admission really get me?  Are games additional costs?

For the low cost of $15, you have the ability to access all available games and play as much as you can in one visit.  All 3500+ video games, over 200 board games, 8' pool table, Skee-ball, challenging minigolf... the entire room is available for free play until close.  

Can I go home and come back later?  I want a nap.

Bathroom break?  Sure.  Smoke break?  Totally.  Just talk to us at the front desk and we'll work something out. 

Does everyone have to pay?  My cousin's not playing.

Our policy is to charge admission to any human entering Prodigy, playing or not, so yes... your cousin will have to pay to enter the gameroom.  Every human must pay admission.

Can I just come to play minigolf?  I'm not really into video games.

Of course!  But know that with your paid admission, you are granted access to all games in the room.  We do not have a discounted rate for only playing minigolf.

Do you offer discounts for veterans or elders?

Without a doubt!  We offer $2 off for those that have served in our military and for those that have walked the Earth for a quite some time.  Just let us know at the front desk; we will never assume.

How can I pay admission; cash, card, cheque, bitcoin...?

Of course, we take cash.  We also take any major debit and credit card.  If you've used a Square checkout to pay for something, you'll be good here.  Check?  Not so much.  Bitcoin/crypto?  Not yet.   

I vaguely remember something about Tabletop Tuesdays...

It sometimes happens, but not always.  Please email with questions.

If I come alone, will I meet people to play games with?

It isn't a good idea to expect that you'll meet someone at Prodigy with whom to play games.  Many people come alone to play 1 player games and to concentrate on their own game, not to meet others, though it does happen from time to time.  We always suggest coming with friends first to get the vibe.  If you meet people from there, then things may pop off for you.  But again, this isn't an atmosphere where there's a lot of people looking for others to play with.  


So tell me... is the minigolf really all that challenging?

Yes.  Very yes. 


I don't want to mince words or lead you down a wrong path, but if you're seeking an easy, quick & straight putt minigolf experience, you may have to look elsewhere.  It's very challenging, especially for first timers to Prodigy.  Those that have played the course and learned its small nuances can seem to get a firm grab on the challenge, but be warned, it's not like those easy kids' courses.  And then, this new version of the course, just built this year, makes for a fun adventure but don't be fooled by the fancy lighting and small footprint.  Getting a 7 on multiple holes is not uncommon, even for true sportsmen and gamers.  


Drunks can kick rocks!?  How dare you!?  What do you mean??

Exactly that.  Them rocks need some kickin'... go ahead!  You WILL be ejected if we suspect you're drunk.  Look, this is not the place for that.  Go to a drunkard place or a place that allows for your buzzed antics.  Come drunk?  We will take your money and then kick you out.  Seriously.  If you can't have sober fun, sorry, this is not your place.  This is our official notice.  There is also a sign on the door as a last notice... as well as a couple signs inside incase you didn't see these other notices.

We also know when you're drinking down the hall.  There are these many things called 4K cameras that we have that reach down there.  Just please... we've worked really hard building this serious gamer community.

How do I find Prodigy?  It's so freakin' hidden!

Prodigy is somewhat secretly located on the ground floor (bottom floor) of the Eastworks mill in Easthampton, MA.  There are a bunch of different ways to get in here, but the best way is with the rear entrance to Eastworks.  Follow the signs for INSA off Pleasant St and drive down the small driveway to the left of Eastworks if you're facing the front.  Once down the small hill, you'll see Prodigy signs on your right.  Park out back and take the ramp in.  You may park back there until close.  The signs say park 'til 11pm, but you'll be fine on weekends.  I promise.  The rear entrance is fully handicap accessible and open until we close.  CLICK HERE for more details...


It snowed... or rained last night/today.  Are you open?

Feel free to always email us, but I can assure you, if we have electricty, we're open.  We understand the new trend is to close or delay opening when there's a little weather, but not at Prodigy.  We buck trends.  We put our boots on or get the umbrella out and make it to work.  We'll be there for you!

Do you still require masks?

No.  Not at all.


Do you offer private rentals?  I want this place to myself!

Yes!  Check out our RENTAL page for details.  We do not close during open hours for any private rentals, so we only offer times when we are normally closed (daytimes, MON night, after we close and so on)

What about a rental for a 13th birthday?  

Plainly put... Prodigy is geared more towards adult fun.  We have irreplaceable video game systems from the 70s, 15-foot ring n hooks, steel tip darts, a professional pool table and primarily professional grade table sports.  The minigolf is difficult and does not appeal to kids, though groups of 13 year olds have found their own way to have fun on the course in the past by swinging hard and seeing what happens.  13 years olds aren't typically rule followers.  They are rule-breaking testers.  I know.  I was one at one time and my friends and I broke every rule going just to test boundaries.  Bottom line, this is not a good place for a group of young teenagers since this room is not built for kids.  If adults want to have an event, have a few kids here and be by their side the entire time, I'm okay with that.  


How long does a round take? 

This answer has many variables, but for a 2-some that knows how to putt and no waits on the course, figure on 45 minutes.  A 4-some that doesn't minigolf regularly with some course waits, I would plan on 2 hours.  You are always allowed to take a break to play another game for a while while the course clears.

Is Prodigy handicap accessible?  Is there wheelchair access?

Most definitely, yes!  On the DIRECTIONS page, there are specific details on how to get to our main entrance, Eastworks rear entrance, where there is a ramp leading to same floor access to Prodigy.  Eastworks also does have elevators in case you do want to enter in front on the main floor.  We have a small stock of specialized extended 48" putters with adjustable angle heads for easier putting ability from off the course.  Most of the minigolf holes are accessible from off the course, as well.  There is plenty of room for wheelchairs to move around the room including tables that have chairs that may be moved and chairs at the video gaming areas that also can be moved easily. 

Are you classified as a 'museum' for retro video games?

Not technically, but we like to act like one sometimes.  I try to display all video game consoles in chronological order with signage of what's what and when was when.  I have a factsheet wall display at the front desk to compare consoles.  I keep everything as clean as possible for the best possible display, but unlike many museums, the art is actually playable and most things work spectacularly.  The staff is well versed in video game history as well, so come down and have a convo with us sometime!

Museum Status

Do you take reservations?  Does it get slammin' in there?

We do not take reservations.  We are a first come, first serve establishment.  As much as reserving time or consoles and such would be a cool idea, our business model of a free-form gameroom doesn't allow for reserving anything. 


Do you have drinks or food?  Can I bring my own?

We do not allow any outside food or drink inside Prodigy.  We have NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks like soft drinks, energy drinks, flavored seltzers and water.  We also have small, dry-type snacks.  We will never plan on having alcoholic beverage served here.  

Drinks & Food

So whatcha got?

We have 18 holes of very challenging minigolf.  We have darts, Skeeball, pool, foosball, shuffleboard and bumper pool.  We have over 200 board games and 3500+ video games in our retro game collection all available to play.  And then the 4 ring n hooks we have are all different skill levels.  Check out some pics here.

Games Lists

Why don't you have all your video games available listed online?

Now that would just ruin the fun, wouldn't it?  I like Prodigy to be a surprise, even for returning customers by offering new games constantly.  I also wouldn't want to promise that I have a game when it may or may not have been scratched/blown-into yesterday.  We do have binders with all games listed in many different ways including amount of players, genre and short description.  Feel free to message me with any specific questions about my game library.  

Is it like a sweatbox or a freezer in there?  Any AC/heat?

This is a rather important question.  First off, we're in a basement of a mill.  But we do have huge windows that the sun hits around 5pm everyday on sunny days.  


In the summer we run 2 floor, high BTU AC units, but it's not a grocery store here.  If you're used to that 68 degrees, cold leather lifestyle, you may want to visit the mall or a movie theater to be comfortable on those scorchers.  It never gets above 78 degrees in here and sits around 73 degrees regularly, rarely getting below 70 unless there's a nice cool dry night and I rock the windows open.  It's rarely over 55% humidity.  I keep a close eye on things and open windows, run ACs and dehumidifiers, close curtains when the sun is on the building.  I blast many commercial fans circulating the air around as needed as well.  Our true gamer regulars are never bothered by the temp here, but those that aren't used to a little body heat in a room may suffer.  Remember, you're 98+ degrees.  I'm trying my hardest to cool you down.

In the winter, there's no issue.  I can open windows and drop the temp in here in minutes.  Our radiator heating is substantial and we never have winter temp issues.  We still run fans, though,


Is the atmosphere dark with blinking lights?  Is the music loud?

The minigolf course does have concert style lighting illuminating each hole and the lights do change frequently.  There are blacklights used so we would definitely say it's a dark environment as far as lighting.  We wouldn't classify it as 'blinking' or 'strobing,' but the lights do fade and change often.  There are also disco balls that rotate slowly.  But, over the gametables and table sports are bright lights to see your game appropriately.  The video game areas are dark so you can see the TVs nicely, but the floors are lit up around the gaming areas.  The music is not loud, but can be heard well.  You can have a nice conversation at any time.  The music can't be heard well from the video gaming areas, though, so you can concentrate on your game nicely.


Are you hiring?  I'd love to work there!

The Prodigy team is small, so I don't have much need for additional assistance.  Plus... I love to work so I do a lot of everything myself.  I've also only hired people that I've gotten to know through Prodigy as customers.  Our community is great here.  Come meet us and just see what happens because life can be crazy sometimes.  You never know...

Do you sell/buy games and systems?  Do you take donations?

We do not buy or sell any games at all.  We allow our retail friends to handle that (we recommend Stateline in Holyoke for both -  However, we do take donations of any games or systems.  Please email if you have a lot to donate.


Do you rent systems and games?  I have a dope party coming up!

We do not allow any games or systems to leave this place.  So, no.  However, we recommend a great friend Lee at if you have a function where you want some games featured for your guests.

Social Medias

Do you even social media?!  Why haven't you posted in months?

I keep my website updated and factual.  I'm able to say what I want to say here without any overseers approving it.  There's no algorithms that prioritize others over me.  I tell you exactly what I want you to know and you can find it all here; all organized and neat, no distractions.  There's no need to add any third party into the discussion.  Message me.  We can talk.  That being said and you need to follow our socials, it's @prodigyminigolf only on FB and Insta.  

What's with this place?  Who owns this?

My name is Jeff Bujak and I designed and built the whole place.  I do all repairs and additions, too.  I'm there almost everyday so you'll probably run into me at some point during a visit.  I opened in March 2018.  I originally planned on creating an 'analog' space with no TVs, no monitors, no video games... only minigolf and table sports/board games.  I decided last minute to add the video games from my collection to the available attractions and I'm glad I did.  It's become quite the popular feature.  Come play sometime!


What's with all the edge?

Get over my edge.  Cancel me or something.    

How would one ask a question?

Email  My name is Jeff... I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  

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