So, why is Prodigy ages 13+ only?  Don't you care about kids?

The minigolf is very challenging and requires some sort of motor skill to thoroughly enjoy.  This course was not built with kids in mind.  For the safety of our gamers as well as the health of the course, we made the ages 13+ rule in our first month of operation.  We had a few big issues early on that forced us to make a decision like this.  Additionally, the video games are mostly from the 1970s & 1980s and require connecting controllers and inserting game cartridges.  Some systems and games are quite rare and valuable creating possible issues that could arise with those that don't fully understand their value.  We also occasionally have gamers playing mature/violent games on big TVs that could be an issue to some young ones.


We do have occasional all ages Sunday mornings.  Check our SHOP for the next date if you feel that Prodigy could be fun for your young one.  Obviously, the all ages mornings never have mature games played and we offer a great learning environment for kids and their guardians with countless ways to teach strategy and gameplay.  We also ask that you stop by sometime if you've never been here to see if this place is right for your young one and if it's something in which they'd be interested.  We always offer free tours of the place.

What does admission really get me?  Are games additional costs?

For the low cost of $10 (WED, THU) or $12 (FRI-SUN), you have the ability to access all available games and play all day/night at Prodigy.  All 2200+ video games, over 150 board games, 8' pool table, Skee-ball, pro air hockey, challenging minigolf... the entire room is available for free play until close.  


How do I find Prodigy?  It's so freakin' hidden!

Prodigy is somewhat secretly located on the ground floor (bottom floor) of the Eastworks mill in Easthampton, MA.  There are a bunch of different ways to get in here, but the best way is with the rear entrance to Eastworks.  Follow the signs for INSA off Pleasant St and drive down the small driveway to the left of Eastworks if you're facing the front.  Once down the small hill, you'll see Prodigy signs on your right.  Park out back and take the ramp in.  You may park back there until close.  The signs say park 'til 11pm, but you'll be fine on weekends.  I promise.  The rear entrance is fully handicap accessible and open until we close.

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116 Pleasant St

Easthampton, MA

What are your current safety standards?

We offer spaced out gaming and we wipe all game supplies down after every use.  We also require face masks until further notice.


Do you offer private rentals?  I want this place to myself!

Yes!  Check out our RENTAL page for details.  We do not close during open hours for any private rentals, so we only offer times when we are normally closed (daytimes, MON night, after we close and so on)

Does everyone have to pay?  My cousin's not going to play.

Our policy is to charge admission to any human entering Prodigy, playing or not, so yes... your cousin will have to pay to enter the gameroom.  This same policy goes for our all ages events.  Every human must pay admission.

Do you offer group rates?

We do not.  We do, however, offer pre-paid 10-admission PUNCH CARDS for $2 off each admission for smaller groups.  Right now, we are not allowed to admit groups of more than 10.  Check out our SHOP for more details.

Do you take reservations?  Does it get slammin' in there?

We do not take reservations.  We are a first come, first serve establishment.  As much as reserving time or consoles and such would be a cool idea, our business model of a free-form gameroom doesn't allow for reserving anything.  However, we do sell presales for our ALL AGES events so we can limit admissions for those special times.  Check out the SHOP page for more info.

Can I just come to play minigolf?  I'm not really into video games.

Of course!  But know that with your paid admission, you are granted access to all games in the room.  We do not have a discounted rate for only playing minigolf.


Do you have drinks or food?  Can I bring my own?

We do not allow any outside food or drink inside Prodigy.  We have NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks like soft drinks, energy drinks, flavored seltzers and water.  No food yet.  We used to have small, dry-type snacks and will again eventually, I'm sure.  We will never plan on having alcoholic beverage served here.  There is a wonderful bar upstairs at Eastworks called the Hideaway Lounge.  There are breweries as well out back of the mills and with your handstamp you can return anytime that day or night until close.  

Do you offer discounts for veterans or elders?

Without a doubt!  We offer $2 off for those that have served in our military and for those that have walked the Earth for a quite some time.  Just let us know at the front desk.

Are you hiring?  I'd love to work there!

The Prodigy team is small, so I don't have much need for additional assistance.  Plus... I love to work so I do a lot of everything myself.  I've also only hired people that I've gotten to know through Prodigy as customers.  Our community is great here.  Come meet us and just see what happens because life can be crazy sometimes.  You never know...


What's with this place?  Who owns this?

My name is Jeff Bujak and I designed and built the whole place.  I do all repairs and additions, too.  I'm there almost everyday so you'll probably run into me at some point during a visit.  I opened in March 2017.  I originally planned on creating an 'analog' space with no TVs, no monitors, no video games... only minigolf and table sports/board games.  I decided last minute to add the video games from my collection to the available attractions and I'm glad I did.  It's become quite the feature.  Come play sometime!


How would one ask a question?

You can use the chat feature on this site or email  My name is Jeff... I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  

Email Jeff Directly!

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