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SUN - 9am to 1pm

MON - 9am to 4pm

TUE - 9am to 10pm

WED - 9am to 3pm

THU - 9am to 3pm

FRI - 9am to 3pm

SAT - 9am to 1pm

Prodigy can ONLY be rented out during regularly closed hours.  Prodigy will never close for a private function. Rentals are only available for groups up to 20 adults. 


We do NOT host teenager birthday parties or teenager events.  We are not built for such events.  We are an adult venue.

Access to the entire regular gameroom's amenities including minigolf, all video games, all board games and all table sports.  Most outside food and drink is allowed, but no alcoholic drinks and no glass. 

Any questions can be asked ahead of time.

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