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SUN JAN 28, 2024

presented by              and         O-STREET MINIGOLF        


Details for Registration

This ticket grants the purchaser one admission/entry to The Prodigium Mid-Winter Cup Minigolf Tournament happening on Sunday, January 28, 2024. Doors open at 8am for practice. Registration starts at 8am and finalizes at 9:15am. Group meeting happens at 9:30am and first group tee off starts directly after. All tournament closings happen by 2pm.


This ticket also grants purchaser 1 FREE regular admission on any open day to practice the course before the tournament. Show up at the front desk and your name will be on a list. You will be stamped and can practice until close that day. We recommend attending on a Wednesday or Thursday for best practice time. Weekends can be very busy.

Registrations will be capped at 54.


Purchasing this admission includes your agreement that all injuries due to swinging or playing in the tournament are not Prodigy's fault and purchaser takes full responsibility for their own actions.


Purchaser also agrees to be on video for live stream and post-uploaded video content online. Please email with any questions.

Signup on the email list to get notifications about this tournament here!


1st Place : $600 cash

2nd Place : $300 cash

3rd Place : $150 cash

4th Place : $100 cash

5th Place : $75 cash

6th Place : $40 cash plus sponsored gifts

7th Place : $30 cash plus sponsored gifts

8th Place : $20 cash plus sponsored gifts

9th Place : $10 cash plus sponsored gifts

10th Place : Sponsored gifts

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Hole 4.jpg


You will be paired with up to 3 other people for a group.

You will play 2 full rounds.  These rounds added together will complete your final score.

Holes 1 through 17 will be used for the full round.  Hole 18 will not be used.

You may use your own putter, but you must use a house golf ball given to you at Prodigy.

Regular course rules will be used:

- Player plays through entire hole and finishes before the next player in group starts hole.

- If ball goes off course and out of bounds, no penalty, but you play a retry and place ball where it was last hit, NOT where ball went out of bounds.  Again, no penalty, but all strokes count.  Even if ball bounces back in, it is still considered out of bounds if it touches the ground outside the hole's fairway or green.

- 7 stroke max

- If ball is hit before it stops rolling, you will be penalized with a 7 for that hole.


More rules will be released as the tournament approaches.  Please email me at with any questions about rules and I will add them to this list. 


Email me at jeff[at] if you're interested in sponsoring this tournament.  

Things to Come...

11/20 : Registration Opens

11/27 : Videos released on Prodigy's Youtube channel with strategies for each hole -

1/27 : Registration Closes

1/28 : Tournament Day

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