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Christmas Gifts from Prodigy!

Looking to get your fancy friend or loved one a special gift this year? The gift of gaming is a wonderful idea! Prodigy offers one-time admission cards that fit snug in a stocking or slips right into a hilarious Christmas card. Are you a secret Santa this year? Bingo! Under $20.

Another option is to purchase an entry to our minigolf tournament on Sunday, January 28th for that person. Do you think they're good at minigolf? This could be a great gift for them. Plus... for the $40 entry, it also includes a regular admission card to come and practice/play before the tournament so really, it's only an added $25 to enter the tournament with over $1300 in cash prizes to be awarded if you're getting them an admission card anyways.

The SHOP page on this fine website is a good way to find ordering the admission cards to be mailed.; or here. You can also come in and purchase them at the front desk. The tournament entry can be purchased on the PRODIGIUM page off the home page of this site; or here.

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