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Did You Know? (Smash Bros Edition)

Prodigy has worked hard with some awesome people in the Smash community to bring back Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments on Fridays. Check out the Prodigy/Smash gg page -

Here's the deal:

You must pay the regular $15 admission. Then, you receive $5 off if you register for free before that Friday on the page (mentioned in the prior paragraph) for the bracket. We cap the bracket at 32 people so make sure to register beforehand to reserve your spot as well as for the $5 discount. So, in summary, you MUST register on the page to get a discounted $10 entry into the room, instead of $15. With all paid admissions, you have full access to all games in the room until close.

Smash friendlies start at 6, and the bracket starts around 7pm. $5 cash (I stress CASH) to enter the bracket, after the admission cost. There is a winners bracket and a losers bracket so it is a double elimination tournament. Payouts for the first 3 places are percentaged as normal.

Please email with any additional questions.

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