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Keep your groups small! It's a rule...

Happy Independence weekend leading into Independence Month!! Now, let's get serious...

We're not kidding when we state you must keep your groups to 6 people or less. We've already had two groups this week that both read the website and came in anyways saying that they thought we would be okay with it. We're not. We're serious when we say KEEP YOUR GROUPS SMALL. We get packed very fast and it ruins the experience for everyone when large groups come in. It gets hot. It gets humid. It gets loud. It gets all blocked up and nobody likes that. We're not the place for that. We want to maintain a calm atmosphere where 2 people can play a good game of Chess or brush up on their Paperboy speedrun... not a whole family-in-town outing.

Please, oh please... bring less people, especially this weekend (our busiest weekend of the year). And believe me, I wasn't saying this when I were forced to shut down in 2020 and expected to build my client base back up from grassroots word of mouth again, but we're pretty popular these days. I appreciate all the support, either way. Just bring a friend or two... not the whole clan.

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