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Prodigy Strategy Videos!

When I was a radical kid, I loved strategy guides; like, the actual books. I have a massive collection of these books from early 90s video game classics and they guided me through my childhood. With this new minigolf course, I'm creating strategy guide videos on YouTube to assist people on their journey to being a great contender in this challenge. These will be especially helpful to those in the tournament on January 28! And of course, I have plans to eventually use these videos to create an actual printed strategy guide so look for that later this year. 📖

So far in the last month, I've produced a fully uncut playthrough video with all the basic strategies that I use for the lowest risk and highest payout. Then, I decided to work on 4 detailed guide videos centering on each hole and their more and most risky strategies including possible holes-in-one. Last week on the Prodigy YouTube channel, I released holes 1 through 4 and today are holes 5-9. On Sunday, the next installment will roll out, completing all holes by the end of next week. In February, I'll be producing more videos about the co-op mode for the course and plenty more cool strategies around the room; even the ring & hooks! 📽️

Always let me know if you want me to show any strategies you like that I haven't covered, but I think I've covered as much as possible. Enjoy... and smash the LIKE button, comment below and subscribe! 👍

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