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New things in 2023!

Prodigy in 2023… big changes!

In January 2021, I decided to stop posting new pictures of Prodigy online. There are a few basic shots on the website, but for the most part I wanted to allow customers to see what’s new in person. I also wanted to take a more underground approach to marketing. I change things so often that people would sometimes expect games or experiences in old photos when they are in fact long gone.

I’ve been mentioning for quite some time to customers as well in past website posts that Prodigy has some exciting changes upcoming in 2023 and they are now coming to life! In fact, some of these amazing changes are currently in progress. I figured with Prodigy hitting 5 years old this past March, that it was time to renew some major parts of the room. Let’s go through them!

The biggest change is indeed building a new minigolf course. This past January, I started plans on rebuilding all 18 holes by Memorial Day; deconstructing and reconstructing one hole per week. The plan was to start a hole Monday morning and make sure everything is complete by open hours on Wednesday. I wanted better carpet, metal cups, no more vinyl ramps and a whole new look and strategy with the course. I learned a lot from the 5 years of maintaining the originally built course, but more importantly from studying how people play the course by watching. Many parts were unused or sometimes just too risky taking up crucial real estate. Many parts were too easy and kind of boring. As of today, 10 holes have been completed; 8 more to go! The new course will also come with new gameplay styles like co-op and 1-player challenges. Look for those special scorecards in the summer.

The “Nintendo Lounge” is now the Member Lounge and has moved. It incorporates more gaming options and is now meant mainly for our monthly members. There are 2 more other TV stations meant for certain scenarios like our Fight Nights; Smash Bros nights and Guilty Gear nights. This station will allow for fighter and color commentary and simply a better live stream experience for the tournaments. More member only perks will be coming so check out those membership options if that's something that seems right for you.

The hours are also changing. Well… they actually have already changed, but we’re officially moving to the new hours this week. WED, THU and SUN will be the same, but we will closed at 10pm on FRI and SAT. The doors to Eastworks will lock at 10pm as well. Opening on SAT will be 2pm now and not noon like it was since the beginning. These are needed changes and if you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

In quick summary, I have a lot to do. Off to work!

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