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Things I Don't Like To See...

Prodigy offers a very different experience for minigolf. I've designed and developed this course to be played by a small list of specific rules that are displayed throughout the room and you are asked to read and understand them before starting. Yet, some still decide to be shitty and play by their own rules. Here are 5 things that people do that piss me off as the creator/designer/builder of the course and room.

First and foremost, the action that bothers me most is when people don't count their putts, because you know, we all compete and play games... but it's best when nobody wins, right? Wrong! Don't come if you plan on just poking the ball around and not actually playing the game. Do that in your living room. Not here. We actually have winners, here.

There are 'Game Modes' to choose before playing and they specifically describe 2 orders of play. Both of which keep golf balls from interfering with each other on the hole. I just don't understand why people want to play by Big Golf rules where furthest away putts next on such a mini course.

Chipping/lifting/chopping the ball is not part of putting. Needless to say... you're not being inventive or creative. You're being annoying and destructive.

Here's a scenario... dude be all, like hittin' the ball crazy hard to impress his friends or lady friend by attempting to be funny. The ball goes crazy and off the course. Dude laughs and thinks everybody is laughing with him. No. They are laughing because he can't even do something as simple as putt with intention. I've even included sample imagery to show you how to putt at the beginning of the course. We've given you a chance. We will have to embarrass you in front of your lady friend to ask "What's wrong with you?" and you will be forced to answer. Now THAT will be funny.

And finally... I can't stand it when people interfere with other people's ball in play. Get off the course when someone is putting; don't be an obstacle. There's enough obstacles to deal with in general. Also, you're clearly not winning when you block the cup with your putter. You're being obstructive because you know you can't actually win.

Okay... I'll turn the edge-lord shit off for a minute. Bottom line, the point of this post is to ask people to follow my rules as we state when you visit. They're not hard to follow. They're very straight forward and easy and best for gameplay for all. We will restrict your access to the course if you're playing inappropriately. You're been warned. FAFO.

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