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Let's Clarify "Drunks Can Kick Rocks"

Okay. Let's just put personal feelings about alcohol aside. Let's talk gaming. I, Jeff Bujak the owner of Prodigy, believe that true gaming must be done with a clear mind. True... some games can be more fun, more enjoyable, less stressful, less competitive with an altered mind. Same can be said for many actions in life. But at Prodigy, I want to facilitate a smart environment strictly for the best and fair competition and alcohol has no place in what I'm trying to accomplish. Mo' money? Sure. If I sold it. Mo' problems? Yes. Indeed.

Now for some personal things. I'm not a drinker, but I was when I toured as a musician. All my friends were. I've seen drinking ruin lives. Not a fan. So, I don't understand the overall appeal, but I've never been against it. Drinking alcohol is a choice. Do what you want. Just not here or before here.

Another personal thing - once the state 'allowed' me to reopen my own business after the state shut me and most every small business down for 4 months in 2020, many people were looking to change their lives. They found that this shock in life was as good as any time to change their lives for the better. Many people quit drinking and many people found Prodigy to be a sober 'Cheers-style' hangout to play games and talk. I didn't have many customers once I re-opened. We created a great little sober community and since then, I've felt like I have a place that many people need, or could find and use.

We simply aren't a party vibe. We don't want to be. People don't come here for that. Drinking people are very distracting to people that simply want to concentrate on a game to win.

If you don't believe any of this, I'm sorry... this just isn't your place. There are plenty of other places that offer this style of entertainment with all the booze you need.

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