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New Venue Opening in March!

Back in August 2023, I had a deep discussion with one of my video game tournament organizers about attempting to create more space in Prodigy to more comfortably host our tournaments and to peek into the future as attendance keeps rising. Now, the last thing I want to do is thwart someone's potential so I needed to make something happen. That whole night while I worked and watched the tournament goers pour in, I pondered the many ways to reorganize the space to make more room for not only larger tournaments, but simply to handle the increase of what we were already hosting. Prodigy closed at 10pm and I spent the next 7 hours on a ladder rehanging lights and Tetrising tables around just to create a little more space for the next tournament. It made a difference, but alas... I just didn't feel that it was enough. At that point, I realized the inevitable. It was time to expand.

I'd like to officially announce that in March of 2024, I will be opening a new venue almost 6 years to the date of opening Prodigy, right across the hall to house not only all of our video game tournaments, but any and all amazing events that I can possibly imagine! It will be part tournament arena and part conference center with a side private rental movie theater to top it all off. Once again, I'm going all in on this venture and I plan on making it the pinnacle of competitive video gaming in Western Mass that it truly needs. I've spent years watching our video game tournament community grow at Prodigy, only to be combatted by the small space I'm only able to give. This new space is over half the size of Prodigy and will be a wide open custom venue to host more tournaments, much larger regional tournaments, elaborate online live streaming capabilities and stacked with custom in-house PC setups bringing people from all over the northeast to come and compete in a respectable arena. Spectators can sit back, relax and watch the live main events in person complete with live commentary. The competition will be fierce and of course, the production will be top notch!

I'll be dropping new detailed info about each of the room's features in the coming weeks! I bet the movie theater part is intriguing you (that's right... your own small, private movie theater available to rent). I have much more to plan and much more to reveal. My goals for 2024 are my largest yet! I'm even adding new upgrades to Prodigy like a brand new professional dome hockey table to replace the one I had to remove, a designated D&D table equipped with everything needed to run a campaign, a new MAME lounge and sooo much more! Stay tooned for all upcoming news! Have a great Christmas and a wonderful holiday week, everyone! TTYS

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