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What does 'Prodigium' mean?

And you may ask yourself... what does "Prodigium" mean (as in my minigolf tournament name) and what does it come from?

I'd say first, it's "from what does it come." Don't end your sentences in a preposition.

But, irregardlessly, Prodigium. It all started in 2008. I wrote a song for my 3rd album, 'Alive Like the Spine.' It was a catchy tune with a wicked catchy hook of a melody line. I used to always perform my songs live before recording them for albums, so when I started playing this song, I used a sample from a song called 'Molotov Bitch' by the band The Prodigy and laid it behind this track. I used to also find or make up words to name songs that somewhat resembled the sample I used, so I found the word ‘Prodigium’ meaning an omen. From there, I removed The Prodigy sample to record this song and added some profound JFK lines from his last speech before his demise, and still called it Prodigium (this is the song featured in the promo video for my minigolf tournament, also found on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp...). In fact, this was the song that I named Prodigy after; kinda backwards the way things work, but it's true.

I also recently found out that in 2018, the movie 'The Mummy' used the word Prodigium as a company that seeks out and hunts monsters hence the abominable snowman as the winter tournament logo.

So, there. That's from where it comes. You may now sleep in peace.

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