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Updates to Course - 11/27

My Prodigy 2.0 course has been completed for 6 months now and I’m ready to make a few minor updates before the tournament on January 28. I will be starting to release hole-by-hole strategy videos later this week, most likely Friday, after I make these updates on certain holes.

One notable update will be to the “bumpers.” Right now, most of the holes have long white rubber bumpers on the backs of the greens and occasionally placed on the fairways. The ones placed on the fairways will be removed since I want to maintain a consistent bounce and roll off the rails leading to the green. The bumpers tend to create a random trajectory depending on putt strength and I want to remove that. The wood will bring commonality. Bumpers on the backs of the greens will not only be replaced, but expanded. I want soft touches to be rewarded on approach putts. This will be a key strength for the course.

You may have noticed some of the front 9 holes have “roughs;” taller, thicker carpet acting like roughs on a golf fairway. These were installed to be used for trick-hopping over sections and also directing the ball away from corners in some lines of roll. The course had more of these roughs early on and I removed them systematically as I noticed that some people were hopping off the course too easily, not meaning to do so. I will be replacing many of these roughs, but in a better fashion to lessen the accidental hops off the course, but still being used for redirection.

3 holes have a wicked drift; the green on hole 3, the green on hole 6 and the entire hole 16. I’m going to raise certain parts to even these out. 16 is going to be tough, but I’m going to try. Hole 3 should be easy to fix.

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