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Prodigy's Mascot is Adam Bomb!

Who is Adam Bomb you may ask and why is he displayed over 50 times in this room? Sir Adam was born to the world in 1986 as trading card-sticker 8a of original series 1 of Garbage Pail Kids; an 80s Cabbage Patch Kids parody sticker collection. Adam Bomb is the most covented of the GPK series as he models on the front of most every pack of sticker cards and was the face of my childhood. All my friends wanted Adam Bomb, but few actually nabbed him.

Adam Bomb (aka Blasted Billy) pushes a red button and blows the roof off his head with a shit eating grin showing no care to the world. Here at Prodigy, I like to make sure customers leave the real world at the door and travel back to a simpler time when card collecting and solving Super Mario Bros was a high priority. You won't see any mention of modernism here. You won't see any activism or displays reminding you of the silly problems in the world. I want you to push the button, blow your head open and l relax with a smile without any outside world issues clogging your brain. Maybe I can offer a reset for your brain to calibrate a new center.

Some people like to use Prodigy as a getaway; a second home, a retreat. So, put your phones away, concentrate on a game and relax a little. Life isn't that bad.

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