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State of Prodigy Report

In short, Prodigy is doing great! Thank you all for the support.

As Prodigy approaches its 5 year point of existence, I want to plan to celebrate the milestone in style... and what's more stylish than a brand new shiny minigolf course?! My plans for the next 18 weeks is to build a brand new hole (not just a renew, but an all new hole) replacing an existing hole, every week. Starting every Sunday once those doors lock, I will start construction and by opening on Wednesday, a new hole will be born. I will spend Wednesdays and Thursdays perfecting the angles and making adjustments to get the play down as I study people's play. And then Fridays to decorate it. The whole course should be done by June 1. Then, a surprise addition! Stick around and find out.

2023 is going to be about creating more perks for members. For those that purchase the monthly memberships will be more features from the room. I'll be rolling out a list of those perks soon.

Now... look at this graaaaaph. You can see how 2023 has been so far.

While we're on the subject of graphs, I'd like to be transparent as to how your admissions are being spent. Every business, big or small could inform its customers and patrons as to how their money is spent.

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