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Things I Love To See!

Standing at the front desk, I get to view the entire room and observe how people play through their visit; usually starting with minigolf then progressing on.

I get to see glowing faces filled with vivid memories just rolodexing through their head as they stroll down the home-console lineup. Usually in short time, these memories start draining out of their mouths drawing stark comparisons with their small crew from what they had back then. Truly a fun experience to watch.

Holes-in-ones are rare here, but when they do happen, it's like the Aura Borealis; you know it's happening but you can't truly explain it. You can really feel the surprise of improbability as they growl "let's goooo!" We're all proud of you, in the room! Congrats.

Hooking all the RIng N Hooks is next to impossible. But, even hooking one can spell trouble for some. People will stand in the box for an hour swinging that hook (or ball) back and forth getting closer, and closer... then further and further. Don't give up, though. Clinking the hook, but not hooking can be heart-wrenching, but also confirms acknowledgement that this is indeed possible. Relief? I'd say so. Once the task is done, a whispered "yesssss" exhaustibly comes draining out of the subject. Seeing someone walk away after only one hook is a smart decision for many. Take your win and walk. There's no need to risk another hour on the next when you've got Tetris 2 to work on!

First dates are great to see! Oh, we know... and we'll make you look cool, bro. No worries. You both will have a great, safe, competitive time. You'll learn a lot about each other in your short time, here. How does someone deal with defeat... or are they a sore winner? Trust me, it'll all come out.

Things I love to see? Our members. I love them all. Our community is one of kind and I wouldn't want to be stuck working anywhere else. :-)

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