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Why Not Franchise or Expand?

I own one gameroom. I only want one gameroom. But, I do appreciate those that see the success and think that I may want to double, triple or more than quadruple my revenue. I mean, who doesn't want to be filthy fucking rich? Umm, me, actually. I make enough.

I actually get messages like this very frequently and I don't mind at all. It reminds me that I'm doing something right.

I build and maintain the whole room myself. This is my full personal collection of games. I don't ask for or pay anyone to assist in the creation. I'm here all day, every day... and many nights; sometimes all night until morning. Trying to duplicate this would not be a smart move for my sanity. I want this one room to be the best!

That being said, if someone wants to try to build a place like this in their town, go for it! Every town deserves its own Prodigy... but good luck! Hope you enjoy working and rarely being home. 😂

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